Platform Steam,

Genre Arcade Action Platformer

Developer Grafos Pty. Ltd.

Years in Development 6

Expected Release Date 2024

How to Play

HEAL sleeping enemy before they wake up and collect coin

SHOOT enemies to put them to sleep

HEAL many enemies SIMULTANEOUSLY for more and richer rewards

COLLECT Power-Ups to improve skills

Modern Retro

Children of the Elves represents the natural evolution of the mid-80s to mid-90s Arcade/Amiga single-screen platform games. Modern action platformers have largely abandoned key gaming elements of the past, such as Perma-Death and Lives. This in my opinion affects game design, pacing, and the sense of excitement, familiarity and achievement negatively. Children of the Elves reintroduces these retro ingredients along with modern components, such as session saving and sparse checkpoints. It also introduces unique twists to the genre, such as true co-op (Lives and Points shared among players), combos and power-up scaling.

The Hooks


64ppi laboriously hand-drawn, smoothly animated pixel-art, for a uniquely sharp HD visual style (in-game and cutscenes). Full-screen Pixel Perfect support (no black bars) for most popular resolutions (FHD, QHD, UWHD, WQHD, 4k). This is how I imagined an Amiga platformer would look today, had Commodore’s machines and chipsets continued to evolve and thrive.


  • 1-4 co-op play

  • 64 ppi Full HD hand-drawn, smoothly animated in-game pixel graphics and cutscenes

  • 100 Levels over 5 Worlds

  • 5 big boss fights and dozens of enemies

  • Combos, Power-Ups, and hidden treasures


The Evil Wizard Moh-Theros turns all elves into abominations, but the wise wizard Sofonas manages to protect the four young princes and princesses. With his help, they must now save their parents and everyone in the Elven Kingdom.

Target Audience

  • 2D indie action & platform game aficionados

  • Nostalgic home computer/arcade retro action players

  • Gaming families / Couch Co-op friend groups


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